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Up to 10 years warranty – Longest in the industry

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Why are they so durable ?

  • Because the motors we use are induction motors so they last for a long time.
  • Each motor is in a protective casing making sure liquid does not enter the motor.
  • We use BPA free solid tritan parts that are extremely durable.
  • We have a switch off mechanism to make sure the machine only works when properly assembled.

Our slow juicers are world class, built to last for a long time and they are the ultimate professional device for your home kitchen. Try them today.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Total reviews: 1246

High consumer ratings

All our slow juicers have high consumer ratings and our first slow juicer won the T3 award for best juicer in the UK because we specialise in slow juicing and we have developed multitude of innovative juicers.

Currently our offering is complete and covers all the different needs and budgets and include some truly innovative high quality machines.

  • With 2 of our machines providing best juice quality with minimal oxidation: Froothie Evolve juicer that runs @ 33 rpm (slowest speed in the market) making sure that oxidation is minimised so you get the best juice or with JulavieX that provides 100% pure cold press juice with zero oxidation.
  • With Easy to clean system: Across all our juicers with special intertwined filters with Evolve Juicer that don´t require a brush to clean or even with zero cleaning due to the innovative bag system with JulavieX.
  • Extremely easy to assemble: with less parts then our competitors due to an integrated auger system with Froothie Evolve & Optimum 600M or JulavieX that requires zero assembly.
  • Additional unique features: with Vacuum across Froothie Evolve Juicer & Optimum 800 so you can keep the juice in the fridge without any oxidation.
  • Large chute: with the Froothie Evolve & Optimum 800 so no need for any prep.

We know our juicers are world class, built to last and the ultimate professional device for your home kitchen. Try them today

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Our innovative range of slow juicers are the healthiest options in the market – guaranteed.

Froothie Evolve Slow Juicer

The healthiest & best slow juicer in the market:

  • Slowest speed at 33rpm = best slow juice possible with lowest oxidation & maximum vitamins. All other slow juicers are at least 25% faster.
  • Vacuum pump & vacuum jug so you can keep your juice in the fridge for up to 48 hours without oxidation.
  • Whole large mouth so ZERO prep required.
  • Integrated auger & basket with easy to clean filter making cleaning & assembly a breeze.


Ideal Horizontal Masticating Juicer :

  • Large Chute & Largest Auger in the market for best crushing results.
  • Ideal for leafy greens & root vegetables .
  • Built in Vacuum to keep juice with zero oxidation & a warmer for baby food.