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Thermocook Pro-M 2.0 - #1 Thermomix Rival !

Features built-in recipes, larger screen, better software & WiFi

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Functions & Benefits

Thermocook Pro-M 2.0 - #1 Thermomix Rival !

Features built-in recipes, larger screen, better software & WiFi

  • EASY TO USE: Rotary control/digital display to manually adjust time, temperature and speed. One preset program for making dough.
  • POWERFUL: 500W motor, 1500W heating power + Turbo and Pulse options.
  • VERSATILE: 18 different functions including chopping, steaming, boiling, whipping and so much more + scraper, internal basket, steamer tray and measuring cup included.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: Designed and Tested in Australia by Globally Respected brand: Optimum rated 5-stars by customers globally
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: 30 Day Free Trial & Optional Lifetime Warranty (Money Back Guarantee)
Color: White
Warranty: 2 year domestic warranty


Thermomix is a reputable brand that has been manufacturing thermo cookers for years. However, the Thermomix is also incredibly expensive and not something that most people can afford. The Optimum Thermocook Pro-M offers you similar if not significantly better results than the Thermomix, at one quarter of the price. When you invest in an Optimum Thermocook Pro-M, you’re getting more than just a multicooker. You’re getting peace of mind and confidence in its durability, versatility and quality.

With focus on quality as well as performance, Optimum© has proven a world class supplier of quality domestic and commercial blenders and juicers, designed to outlast and outperform competitors.



Both the Optimum Thermocook Pro-M and Thermomix are multi cookers with excellent reputations in the industry. Both can make a wide range of fresh, delicious foods, but the Optimum Thermocook Pro-M truly stands out with its incredibly affordable price and additional dough kneading preset.

The Thermocook Pro-M is also available for purchase online and does not require you to go through a distributor or attend product demonstrations in order to purchase your multi cooker. Below is a factual comparison of the two.

Features Thermocook Pro-M 2.0 Thermomix TM6
Number of abilities /
Functions advertised :
Large digital LCD display to manually
adjust time, temperature and speed.
5 preset programs for making jam,
steaming, soup and 2 kneading programs
for dough. Reverse blade function,
built in recipes, WIFI and ability
to use and program your own recipes
into a mobile phone app for greater flexibility.
20 functions
Temperature Range: 30° C to 120° C (86°F to 248°F) 37°C to 120°C (98.6°F to 248°F)
Max Bowl Capacity : 2.64qt (2.5L) 2.32qt (2.2 L)
Max work Power : 700W motor and 1000W heating power 500W motor, 1000W heating power
Timer: 0-99 min Temperature setting: 30°C - 120°C  
Turbo/Pulse Function : Turbo & Pulse Turbo & Pulse
Key Attachments / Accessories: "2.64qt (2.5L) Litre stainless steel bowl for blending and cooking Measure cup Butterfly whisk Cooking basket Scraper Steamer Instruction Manual Recipe book Spatula" Comes with Varoma, MC, Splash guard, Steaming basket, Spatula
Steamer Yes Yes
Chopping Blades Hardened 4 wing stainless steel detachable blades Yes
Mixing Tool / Blade
(for whisking, stirring etc.)
Yes Yes
Scales Yes, Integrated Yes, Integrated
Digital Display: Large Digital Touchscreen Display Large Digital Touchscreen Display
Recipes Yes Yes
Programmable Recipes: Yes Yes
Dishwasher Safe: All steaming attachments, plastic lid, butterfly tool, spatula and jug (IMPORTANT: blade assembly has to be removed before cleaning the jug in the dishwasher) Not Disclosed
Mobile Phone Application: Yes Yes
Safety Features: Included in programme - If contents are over 60°, a safety speed control will limit the blend speed to 4 to reduce the risk of splashing The ThermoCook Pro-M 2.0 will not operate until the lid is properly secure Protected against overheating
Bluetooth Connectivity Yes Yes
Wifi Connectivity: Yes Yes
Product Dimensions (WxHxD): 13.6 x 8.6 x 14.4 Inches 12.8 x 13.4 x 12.8 Inches
Product Weight: 15.41 lb (6.99KG) 17.53 lbs
Warranty : 2 yrs domestic 24/7 Warranty Support 2 yrs domestic
Price: $699 $1,499

*Prices on this table are correct as of 25.4.2021 and are subject to change.

Please note we do not sell Thermomix Products



The Optimum Thermocook Pro-M is the ultimate kitchen assistant for your cooking, frying, grinding, blending, chopping, stirring, kneading, beating, heating milk and SO MUCH MORE!

Your ThermoCook Pro will quickly become your “secret ally”, helping you to create memorable, additive-free, nutrient rich meals your family will love, every step of the way from prep to cooking to cleanup. Here’s a complete list of its numerous functions:

Chopping: Everything from minced meat to finely chopped nuts or herbs, vegetables, salads, or cooked dishes, chopped in a matter of seconds!

Whipping: The Thermocook Pro-M is the perfect appliance for whipping egg whites to create the perfect omelette or meringue.

Mixing: Combine ingredients with ease by using the blade cover or the butterfly. Easily prepare cake mix, batters and bread doughs in a matter of minutes.

Emulsifying: Easily prepare smooth, creamy salad dressings, mayonnaise, batters and other emulsions.

Milling: Enjoy freshly milled flour from rice and grains for maximum nutrition. The Thermocook Pro-M will ensure that your freshly milled flours and meals are delicate, fine and lump free.

Kneading: Love baking bread? The Thermocook Pro-M comes with a unique feature that allows you to knead fresh bread doughs, scone mixtures, and other baked delights.
Cooking: Boil, simmer or stew anything from water to rice, hearty soups, meatballs, jams to chilli.

Blending: You can combine all sorts of ingredients in your Thermocook Pro-M and blend until smooth. Ideal for frozen fruit Ice Creams, Sorbets and Smoothies!

Stirring: The stirring function allows you to step away from the appliance whilst your ingredients remain stirred. Perfect for taxing dishes such as Risottos and Rice Pudding.

Steaming: Create the perfect steamed vegetables, meat, fish, fruit, rice and pasta with the steamer insert and varoma feature.

Weighing: The integrated scale in the Thermocook Pro-M delivers precision with each ingredient and allows you to directly weigh ingredients into the machine.

Precise Heating: The precise heating function allows you to warm baby food or temper chocolate to 37°C and hold the temperature there for as long as you need.

Pureeing: Excellent for homemade baby food, soups and fruit coulis.

Sauteing: Make healthy and delicious stir-fry dishes as well as pan frying meat and vegetables for the whole family.

Mincing:You don’t need an expensive mincer or grinder to create fresh mince - simply place meat into your Thermocook Pro-M and it’ll do all the mincing for you!

Slow Cooking: Slowly cook food for several hours at a low temperature for perfectly tender meat and vegetables.

Beating: Using the butterfly attachment, you’ll be able to beat ingredients such as cream, eggs and cake batter, creating light and fluffy end results Whisking: Whisk egg whites for the perfect omelette, pavlova or meringue!

Boiling: Ability to cook food in bubbling liquid or simply boil some water for a delicious cup of coffee or tea.

Stewing: Slowly cook meat and vegetables for the perfect hearty evening meal!

DIY: A unique feature to customize and save your favourite recipes.

FULL CONTROL:The Thermocook Pro-M offers you manually adjustable speed, temperature and operating time in order to ensure that your food turns out perfect.

LARGE BOWL: Thermocook Pro-M comes with a stainless steel mixing bowl with a 2.5 litre volume. This makes it the perfect size for cooking dishes for a crowd or family.

MULTIPLE ACCESSORIES:Your Thermocook Pro-M comes with a steam cooker, butterfly stirrer, knife attachment, blade cover, inner bowl and flexible spatula - everything you will need to prepare any recipe!

MINIMAL WASH UP: The best part of using the Thermocook Pro- M is that you never get stuck with the dirty pots and pans! Your ThermoCook Pro is simple to clean and all components listed under the accessory are dishwasher safe. Furthermore, Thermocook Pro-M Blades are removable in order to ensure your safety during cleaning. It really is that easy.


























I absolutely love this machine so much - it has so many amazing features and is incredibly easy to use.

All of the specific functions are great for recipes and daily cooking as well.

I definitely recommend!


Tahny on Productreview


Perfect upgrade

Takes up small space on beach, easy to use.

First meal made was amazing!

Super happy to bring the Thermocook into our home after having a 8 year old Bellini.


Tonya on Productreview


Purchased this after two rather expensive appliances failed. It works just amazing and just as good as my other more expensive version.

Food is amazing , does everything that is advertised and doesn’t take up to much room on the bench. Cleaning up the appliance was no problem at all. Has a couple of other features that my more expensive appliance doesn’t have , it will automatically slowdown the speed when the temperature goes over 60deg and the appliance will not work if things are not attached correctly. Looking forward to making lots of creations again.

This is a fantastic appliance at a great price


Jess on ProductreviewSleek, sophisti


I absolutely love my PRO-M so much - it can be used for any recipe you can imagine and is super easy to use as well.

I am so excited to make a whole bunch of healthy recipes in a fast, simple, and convenient manner!

10/10 would recommend.Sleek, sophisti

Sleek, sophisticated and so very practical, the Optimum Thermocook-M is one of the most affordable thermo cookers on the market. Why spend thousands when you can purchase an Optimum Thermocook-M at a mere fraction of the cost?

The Optimum Thermocook-M features an overload protection fault switch, which ensures that the machine is protected against overload damage. In the unlikely event that the machine overheats, this feature allows you to keep blending without having to switch it off until the motor cools down. This goes well beyond the overheat protection found in most commercial grade blenders; and is a key reason behind the product’s 5 years domestic or optional lifetime domestic warranty.

Lifetime Warranty Period:

Optional domestic lifetime warranty available

Access to expert support team

Our expert support team of avid juicers, nutritionists and chefs are always available to all Optimum customers. Whatever questions you have, you can be assured that a team member will be able to help you with anything you need.

Thousands of satisfied customer testimonials and food expert reviews

This product is designed and tested in Australia by globally respected brand Optimum, rated 5-stars by Product Review, with thousands of online reviews and testimonials around the world.
Optimum Appliances have built their reputation by developing world-class products, which are then distributed across the globe exclusively via Froothie. They’ve earned that reputation in part due to the time invested to research customer’s needs – and then do whatever possible to achieve a high quality end result.



Optimum® is an Australian-owned brand that manufactures premium quality blenders and other appliances for the world market. From start to finish, the products are crafted to comply with strict quality control measures; and every Optimum Thermocook Pro-Mis extensively tested before being sent to us at Froothie for sale to customers.

Optimum® also teams up with third-party parts manufacturers who each have decades-long reputations for quality; and who supply some of the world’s most respected appliance brands. All manufacturers use state-of-the-art equipment, materials and design to create the premium quality motors, blade assemblies and other components within Optimum® appliances.


Of course, your relationship with us doesn’t end when you buy your Optimum Thermocook-M. It might be simple to operate, but your Optimum appliance is a sophisticated piece of machinery. That means you’ll want ongoing support and advice to help you make the most of it. That’s why we make sure our Froothie support team is only ever a phone call or email away.

Plus, as we mentioned above, as a Froothie customer, you benefit from our unique one-month trial period guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase, just let us know within 30 days of receiving it. We’ll give you a full, unconditional, no-questions-asked refund; and organise and pay to ship it back to Optimum® for you.

When you invest in an Optimum, you’re getting more than just a blender. You’re getting peace of mind and confidence in its durability, versatility and quality, both now, and in decades to come.

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